Spirit Falls is now published as an ebook in multiple-formats

I went to Colorado with four goals; the first to write 10,000 new novel words (succeeded) and the second was to convert Spirit Falls to electronic book format (did that too; read on).
In the process of reformatting Spirit Falls into an ebook, I’ve come to realize a live copy editor is a writer’s best friend and spell check is not. In the printed book was ‘five-pound mall’ vice five-pound maul, and then, you can be one of those multi-linguals who is dyslexic in several languages “Veins, rend-moi heureaux” vice Viens, rend-moi heureaux.” Quotes within quotes can also be quite the editing pleasure.
Spirit Falls is now available in several ebook formats–Kindle, IPad, Sony, PDF and HTML for your computer screen, and so on.
All formats are unencrypted except Kindle and for awhile that worried me until I realized that conventional books are unencrypted. As an aside, encryption is an overrated expense-the United States spents billions (and I mean billions) encrypted its communications over the course of the cold war and the Walker-Whitworth Spy Ring, one family, poured it all down the drain. (The good news is that it contributed to massively bloating the KGB so as to arguably destroy its effectiveness––like US intelligence post 9/11.)
(http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/19073) ($2.99) Check it out.