Оn 31 May Patrice and I are leaving our Madison apartment and on 31 July we are leave Madison. Patrice will teach Rolfing (August-September-October 2013) in Boulder, Colorado. While Patrice teaches, I will write  a great deal, in Colorado as well as Croatia.


In November 2013 we will travel to Rovinj, Croatia for six months (November 2013 thru May 2014).


St Eufemia

Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is a gorgeous medieval Venetian city and, though we encourage visitors, but our apartment is small (further details to follow). Friends own a twelfth century house in the city center (It had been Venetian quarantine house where visitors to the city during times of plague had to stay one month; if they didn’t die, they were allowed in town.)  We will rent their apartment in the off-season. It is smaller than our Moscow apartment, perhaps 1/4 the sq. ft. of our Madison apartment. We are downsizing.

The local languages are Italian and Serbo-Croatian; Patrice will learn the former; I the latter.  I cheat somewhat; Serbo-Croatian is 60% common to Russian, which I speak.  On the other hand, Patrice understands French, but is shy.  I’ll tell you an anecdote:  When Patrice and I visited Paris, I spoke French so well that the French replied to me as if I were fluent, which befuddled me, whereupon Patrice, too timid to respond in French to the French,  translated into English, whereupon I replied in French to the French.

Our goal is to write stories (further details to follow)