Working Truths

discerning truths within deceptions

The Long War Series

Spirit Falls is a coming-of-age novel set in the empty hardscrabble borderland between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. It is an affecting story of childhood friendship growing into profound love.

Wounded is the second book of Townsend’s The Long War Series. Two young people, a brother, and sister die in a freak Lake Superior storm. Ricky Belisle, the accused murderer, is released from jail for lack of evidence.

Anticipated Release October 2016

Executioner’s Son is an examination of love and loss in a stunned and dazed Soviet Union suffering the prodigious losses of Stalin and the Great Patriotic War. Danton’s quest takes him to distant lands and cities––Moscow and Cuba and Laos.

Liars & Storytellers (3) (Background)

“Life’s becoming better, sweeter,” the poster announces.  Deception begins with truth, however thin,  The Great Famine, 1931-32, witnessed 6-8 million Soviet deaths by starvation. Indeed, in 1934, when this poster appeared, life had gotten better....
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Liars and Storytellers: The Project

Liars and Storytellers is a non-fiction book project, which examines…here we go… liars and storytellers. I know a great deal about them. Our generation as did our brothers’, uncles’ and fathers’ generations fought those who in the name of socialism...
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The liar speaks truth: Deception and working truth (7)

Relatives visit the farm. Outside, the temperature was -25F. High winds swirled snow devils NW>SW across the south field. We had returned from X-C skiing. He picked up a book on Soviet intelligence operations in mid-twentieth century America. “That proves Joe...
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liars and dupes: Deception and working truth (6)

 Facebook vs. the public toilet Broadcasting one’s impassioned message was harder back in the old days. For most of us, the public restroom was enough. One found a pen, composed an impassioned plea, then sat with trousers at ankles, and scrawled on the wall....
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