Spirit Falls is a coming-of-age novel set in the empty hardscrabble borderland between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. It is an affecting story of childhood friendship growing into profound love.

Wounded is the second book of Townsend’s The Long War Series. Two young people, a brother, and sister die in a freak Lake Superior storm. Ricky Belisle, the accused murderer, is released from jail for lack of evidence.

Anticipated Release October 2016

Executioner’s Son is an examination of love and loss in a stunned and dazed Soviet Union suffering the prodigious losses of Stalin and the Great Patriotic War. Danton’s quest takes him to distant lands and cities––Moscow and Cuba and Laos.

Perfume River – The storyteller and truth

The Storyteller and Truth Robert Olen Butler and Perfume River The novel is a pack of lies hounding the truth. Carlos Fuentes Robert Olen Butler is in my estimation the finest living American author and his just released book, Perfume River, his finest novel. It is...
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On Bullshit: Liars and Storytellers

On Bullshit and On Truth I had long visualized the lexicon landscape between The Truth and The Lie as a continuum along which lay a rich and varied vocabulary––deception, denial, camouflage, working truth, baloney, etc––with full equivalents in every language on the...
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Lying: Sissela Bok

Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life (Sissela Bok) deeply informs  Liars and Storytellers. I have carried a copy in backpack and briefcase for decades,  reading it cursorily now and then, edition after edition disintegrating from disuse,  always children,...
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On Truth: Harry Frankfurt

Why am I doing this? I’ve lied and the shame burns to this day.  Someone I’ve trusted lied to me; the injury heals as slowly as a gunshot wound. I’ve watched a grand deception unfold, its objective the death of millions, and contributed my share to its discovery and...
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Working Truths

discerning truths within deceptions

Liars and Storytellers

a novel is a pack of lies hounding the truth
-Carlos Fuentes

Liars and Storytellers

Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than truth
-Desiderius Erasmus